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Our commiments to you

Our commiments to you

Commitment #1: earn your trust

As the primary vector of performance and sustainable relationships, trust is a strong engagement for us, and we are careful to maintain and develop it every day with our customers and suppliers.

> Traceability of orders 

At Belmar, trust is synonymous with transparency. That is why we update you regularly about the progress of your orders and have an online tool that allows our customers to track the routing of their packages in real time. The tool is accessible on our website in your customer space. We are currently the only ones on the market offering this kind of personalized secure service!


> Anti-corruption policy

The trust placed in us by our customers and suppliers is a precious token. In order to protect it, Belmar strictly applies an anti-corruption policy, duly respected by all of its employees and partners. This policy ensures respect for Belmar’s values in terms of ethics in relations with our customers and suppliers.

> The strength of a group

Belmar is part of the Groupe Bellion, founded in Brest in 1902. Run by the Bellion family for five generations, the group is specialized in trading activities, local and international.

> ISO 9001 certifications

Belmar is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard (2015 version) for its trading activities in industrial supplies and hardware goods for export.

Commitment #2: Provide a global quality service

As part of an ongoing process of improvement, Belmar place its expertise at the service of its customers’ satisfaction.


> Quality policy

In order to maintain an optimal level of competitiveness, Belmar has deployed a Quality Management System in order to ensure a consistent level of performance. This system is based on several parameters:

  • Actively listening to the needs and expectations of the customer
  • Controlled business and financial objectives
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and other standards and certifications applicable to the company activity
  • Strong, federating internal communication around a vision and shared values
  • Curative and preventive handling of any existing or potential malfunction
  • Regular measurement of the service quality by performing customer satisfaction surveys.

> Mastery over procedures for special shipments

The great diversity of supplies and products that we buy and handle on behalf of our customers forces us to maintain a high level of vigilance at all stages in the supply chain.

  • Our storekeepers are qualified to prepare orders that contain hazardous and regulated products.
  • Each package is carefully controlled, first at the time of its delivery to the warehouse and then a second time before being re-shipped to the customer.
  • Specific control procedures are taken into account (e.g. PROGEC Gabon, Angola, Algeria…).

> A strategic location

Located near the trading port of Brest, in an industrial area that has easy access for road carriers and fifteen minutes from Brest-Bretagne international airport, we have the advantage of an ideal location to quickly route your orders by air, land or sea.

Commitment #3: contributing to the reputation of our region

Through the intermediary of the Groupe Bellion, of which it is a subsidiary company, Belmar is engaged in its region of Brittany, and more particularly the Finistère département. This involvement at local level is reflected in two partnerships with the sporting community that have deep meaning for the company.

> Stade Brestois

Since 2004, Belmar has been actively supporting the Brest soccer team as a member of its partners’ club.


> West Team

Sailing and the sea are an integral part of the DNA of the Cofibel group and Belmar. That is why, since 2017, the company has been active within the network of firms in the West Team, bringing together public and private actors in Brest life. Their common goal: to enrich the reputation of the region through the practice of water sports. What a program!